I had a dream about Mason from Vampire Diaries last night. Bizarre. We were hanging out on the roof of some mall-type building, sprawled on blankets and snoozing beneath the covers. It was a very warm and squishy dream (I mean that in a purely platonic, non-dirty way), and I woke up about 6.30am with a craving for lemonade. Huh.

Speaking of Vampire Dairies )

Is it bad that I’ve stopped caring about Supernatural? I mean, if this is really the last season, I’ll watch it, just because I started the journey and I’ll finish it, you know? But I don’t actually care. The only thing I actually really liked about this week’s episode was Sam finally admitting that he’s not actually Sam and he doesn’t actually care. Like, I know they could go pretty dark with that, and knowing this show they will. But they can also make it kinda funny. Like Sam teasing the skinwalker. It has it’s merits, and it also means that the Sam we know, the Sam that’s done a lot of growing up in the past five-or-so years, isn’t actually gone for real.

But right now, show, you are boring.

I’m re-watching Battlestar Galactica again. Just because.

I've been on a Jake Gyllenhaal movie marathon this past couple of weeks. )

A few months ago I decided that since I was turning 25 this year, it really was about time I learned how to drive. I never felt it was necessary when I was at uni. The city I lived in, being a student city, had enough buses and trains running for me to get around pretty easily.

Now I’m finding I’m getting itchy for my own set of wheels. Which I have. Yeah, I’m only half way through my driving lessons (they’re going well, thanks for asking) but I have a car! An Inbetweeners car (apparently). It was officially christened Tez on Saturday (short for Terry, as in Terry’s Chocolate Orange, because though the colour is more of a yellow-gold, my car looks like it’s been Tango’d in the dark). When it pisses me off, which I’m sure it will, it will be called Terence.

New Books

Aug. 4th, 2010 09:30 am
I haven't read a good book in a while. I mean one of those books that you devour in one sitting because they're just so goddamn good. And I really need something new. I've re-read my entire bookshelf in the last month and now I'm getting antsy!

Oh, and as you can probably tell by this entry, I'm not dead!
I had a very lazy weekend this week. I got very, very drunk on Friday with Kirsty and we discussed Many Important Things.

I saw Martyn for the first time in two months. I say "saw", but I don't think in my intoxicated state that I really comprehended that it was him. I remember a friend giving me a piggy back ride to Flares because I kept losing my shoe and Martyn was outside the front doors telling us that they'd closed early. And that was it.

On Saturday I went to see my friend Jess who's just had her first sproglet. Oh my God, she's adorable! I'm not a baby person, but me and mum went baby clothes shopping and I decided I want a sprog just so I can dress it up. But then mum pointed out that that's not a valid reason to have a kid. Sigh.

Anyway, Jess was all glowing and smiling (I didn't think it was possible for her to look even happier than she normally does, 'cause that woman is permanently smiling all the damn time!) and then she gave Charlotte over to me to hold and there's a picture of me somewhere looking petrified and awkward. And I look at my wee baby face in that photo and I think to myself... God, totally not ready for that at all. Not even a little bit. The lady in the shop said I had maybe ten or so years to discover my inner mum before my clock started ticking, which, you know, THANKS.

I spent the rest of my weekend watching The Plan, Caprica and Mad Men. So lazy!

Anyway, thoughts on The Plan. )

God, I miss the show so much. It turns me into a big mushy mess. I'm finding Caprica fascinating; the story is solid, the ideas are wacky and intriguing. But it's just not filling the gap. It's not making me feel warm and comfortable, like I'm sharing my time with people I know and love. Maybe it's too early for that.

Either way, my thoughts of Caprica thus far. )

As for Mad Men, all I can say is this. )
I completely forgot to mention the 30 Seconds to Mars gig!

30 Seconds to Mars Do Nottingham. )
Despite the fact that season four of Battlestar Galactica is a little bit of a mess, it's still the season that makes me cry the hardest. Really. I've been a blubbering mess this whole week. Mum keeps wondering why I'm constantly leaking and and whimpering at the screen, "Oh, Kara/Sam/Bill/Laura/whoever happens to be pulling at my heart strings right at that moment."

The mutiny is around the time that I start permanently dribbling out of my eyeballs. Oh, Sam. What they did to you totally makes sense, but it doesn't mean I have to like it! I've saved the last two episodes so I can watch them tonight. It doesn't help that I already know what happens because dammit, I can't stop leaking.

I'm going to watch The Plan afterwards (finally). More Sam! Weeee!

I've watched the first episode of Caprica and I admit, I'm a little intrigued. I think I need to watch a few more to decide if it's for me, though. I'm not completely sold yet.

You may be wondering why I've spent the last few weeks re-watching Battlestar Galactica. Well, it's my own personal blackmail. I'm trying hard to save on my finances, which means spending less time in places that steal away my money (e.g. the pub) and more time in places that don't steal my money (e.g. my house, friends' houses).

It also means no buying new dresses (!), no buying drinks for every Tom, Dick and Harry in the bar, and no frivolous purchases that I just don't need.

My self-restraint, however, is poor. Someone says pub or invites me out or suggests we go away for the weekend, I'm totally there. I therefore need to constantly bribe myself to stay in with good TV and good books. My social life has been narrowed down to Burlesque on Wednesdays, one night out on the weekends, and visiting those friends that will lead me not into temptation.

Le sigh. I need more good shows and more good books if I'm going to keep this up.
I don't often use the New Year as an excuse to start afresh etc. I make resolutions but I don't really believe in wiping the slate clean and forgetting everything that came before.

Still, I made a vow this year that I would be more healthy. I tied myself to this vow by signing up for a four-month trial at my local karate group, which I start on Monday. Not only do I think it'll be a good work out for me, but it also serves the double-purpose of strengthening my bad leg and providing me with adequate self-defense skills. I can pretty much hold my own when I get hassle from people of the male variety on a night out, but I have no doubt that one day one of them is going to take it a step too far and I'd like to have something to back-up my sharp tongue.

I've also signed up for a six-week Burlesque dancing course. Random, I know, but a friend of mine did it last year and she said that not only is it fun, but it's a great work out and it loosens a lot of unused muscles. I like the idea of Burlesque, too. I like that this is something I can do for myself, something that will make me feel sexy and confident in my own body, and that it's not necessarily something I have to share with anybody else.

Last night I had a sex dream about Kevin McKidd. I've therefore realised that watching Rome before bed is probably not such a good idea.

Nothing much else to tell you, folks. I haven't written anything lately, not for quite a few months, and that's very strange for me. Even if I'm not posting out finished products, I'm always reeling something off at any given time, so not having written a sentence in over three months feels peculiar. Originally I wasn't writing because my laptop packed in (God, I'm just absolutely cursed when it comes to computers) and I can't write on anything but my laptop (which is bad, I know; a writer should always be versatile). But my laptop is back to new now and one of my resolutions is to start writing again, even if it's nonsense.

Other than that, I've very little to share with you all. Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year.

Mine was a relatively quiet affair this year. Christmas Day is traditionally a big family affair for us but we moved it to Boxing Day this time around. I spent Christmas night with Martyn getting drunk and watching bad Christmas TV and that pretty much set the bar for the rest of the holidays. I got intoxicated a lot.

New Years was our usual house party with games and quizzes etc. I was flat-out drunk by 1am and in bed by 1.15am (more out of tiredness than anything, as I'd had to work that day). It was very fun, though.

Oh, I forgot to mention my birthday. It wasn't a crazy one this year as I was poorly. It was the usual fancy dress affair, however, although maybe dressing as Aphrodite in the middle of winter wasn't the best idea. Still!

Andddd that's my life to date. Not a whole lot of excitement but there's been some great nights in there.
Date tonight. Weeee. I'm looking forward to it. In fact, I'm looking forward to the whole weekend because it's a long one! Woooo for Bank Holiday, that's all I can say.

So he finishes work at midnight and then we're going to have drinks and watch films and relax. He's buying a bottle of Jagermeister because we both love Jagerbombs, so I think it might get messy. Just sayin'.

Tomorrow night I'm out again, except I'm not out-out, I'm out-in at a house party for my best friend's boyfriend's (mouthful) birthday. Last time I went for a few drinks at his house (last Saturday, in fact) I ended up wearing shit-kickers, three inches of eyeliner and a feather boa. His makeup collection actually rivals mine, which is depressing, I think.

Anyway, on Sunday I'm out with the best friend (John), my brother and friends for Bank Holiday. Possible foam party at the Pier, but probably a bad idea considering I'll be wearing a thin, yellow summer dress that's already slightly see-through as it is. Then maybe-possibly going back to Martyn's if I'm still awake and not too drunk at 4am when he finishes work. Woooo! Epic weekend.

Thennnnn it's only four more days at work and then I have a week off because I'm going to Prague again. Love Prague! I'm taking my mum to see the Jewish Museum and Prague Castle and Charles Bridge and all that lovely stuff. She's never been before but I think she's really going to like it.

I've been so lazy this week. I haven't done anything except go to work, come home and collapse. I've just been so tired. The nights are so hot that I'm just not sleeping. I have two episodes of Leverage to catch up and I haven't even cracked Dreamfever yet. I think I'm going to wait until I'm not so drained after work because I really want to enjoy it. It also doesn't help that I have three other books on the go, either. My mum insisted I try Diana Gabaldon so I've started reading Outlander during my lunch break at work. I started reading Marr's Fragile Eternity and quite honestly found the first few chapters a little dull. So when I finally got my copy of Thorn Queen I was more eager to read that. So, yeah, should really finish them before I start anything else. I probably won't, though. Sigh.
I've turned into a book junkie lately. Not that I don't already read a lot, but for the past two weeks I just haven't took my head out of a book. I have e-books littering my Desktop at work. I come home, I eat, and then I disappear with a paperback. And it's been so good. Sometimes I go through periods (only short periods, thankfully) when I don't read at it, mostly because I haven't managed to find a book to keep me interested. This happens sometimes. My attention span tends to shrink. Then I go through what I call my junkie periods, like now, when I devour one or two books a day simply because I can't stop reading. The only problem with these periods is that the good material eventually runs out. It doesn't help that I'm a little fussy about what I read; unlike my mum, I can't read just anything. Part of me wishes I could. So then I get this push-and-pull thing going on, especially when one of my favourite authors releases a new book, where part of me wants to just sit and read the whole thing right then and there, while another part of me needs to draw it out and make it last.

I've been re-reading old series for the past few weeks (as mentioned in my previous post). I read the previous Kim Harrison book and then White Witch, Black Curse, which I've had for a long time. I do love Harrison and I think she's at the top of her genre, but I'm starting to feel like her series is stretching a little bit too far. While the last couple of books have been revelations in themselves, I felt that the latest book didn't really build on the drama of the previous book all that well. But spoilers )

I made my way through Karen Chance's Cassandra Palmer series again (and Midnight Daughter) and finally, finally removed the fourth book from my shelf, dusted it off and cracked the spine.Curse the Dawn. Spoilers inside. )

I also re-read Karen Marie Moning's Fever series again. I think it's definitely up there in my top ten. I can't really describe what it is I love about it. I think it's because I genuinely like and care about the lead character, Mac, and I'm finding her transition into a "hero" believable. The whole series (well, thus far) is fascinating, dramatic, tense, gritty, dark, fun and unpredictable. I find myself almost unable to wait until the 18th for the next installment. The next book is going to lead to one of those push-and-pull things. Part of me will want to lock myself in my room and never come out until I've devoured the whole thing. The other part of me knows that this is the second to last book in the series (another thing I think works for this series; Moning already has it planned out and she knows what she wants to say with it) and it's a year's wait until the final book. I don't want it be over and I'm not really a fan of her Highlander series, so I know I should pace myself, even though I won't.

And this is the downside of being a book junkie. I don't know how long it's going to be until I find another series of books that drags me in so completely that I never want to leave my room. There's something almost addictive about the feeling of absolute satisfaction that you get when you reach the end of a mindblowing book.

Until then I have the new Vicki Pettersson book to read. I re-read the first three Zodiac books and didn't realise how much I'd forgotten about the third book. I think because so much happened in it and I only read it once (I usually re-read a whole series before the next book comes out, so the first two were drilled into my brain), only the big plot points stuck with me. But The Touch of Twilight is definitely evidence that Pettersson is getting more comfortable with her world and her characters, because it was of those books that started off so puzzling and twisted, and then the pieces finally, finally clicked in the end. I love this series because each book is a puzzle, a mystery, the outcome completely unknown and unexpected. I hope the fourth book is just as exciting and unpredictable.

Okay, a whole post about books. I think that pretty much says it all, folks. Despite what it mean seem, I do still have a life. Sort of. I'm out getting drunk at least once a week. I call this Socialising, though I don't know if conversing with a brick wall while intoxicated counts. No, I'm exaggerating. I haven't been drunk in a long time but I have been out, because I find that if I don't go out and interact with real human beings (work colleagues and family not included) at least once a week, I start to feel my brain seeping out of my ears. And plus, I love to dance. I'm also a dancing junkie. A dancing book junkie.

I've applied for a job in my office (I'm actually covering some of the duties of this particular position as a temp) and I have my interview on Wednesday. Eep. I'm quite nervous. There's a twenty-minute Excel test, and while I'm pretty spiffy on Excel, I'm paranoid that they're going to spring something on me that I totally don't know how to do despite my experience. But we shall see. If I get this job, my life will be so much easier. Temping is starting to make life a little difficult.
I went to the Doctor's on Friday and he said it's my digestion that's causing me problems. Basically, it's just not working. Well, not working right, anyway. So now I have tablets to settle my stomach. They seem to be working; my stomach isn't cramping after I eat anymore and my mouth doesn't taste nasty, either. Can't ask for more than that.

My date was nice. We went to the cinema to see The Hangover because I'd yet to see it. It was funny. I liked it because it was careful not to fall into that gross, slap-stick humour that films like this generally can't seem to resist doing.

We went for steak after. Luckily my taste buds had managed to ressurect themselves somewhat by this point and I was able to enjoy it. My date, on the other hand, didn't, mostly because he insisted on having his steak cooked medium-well-done, instead of medium-rare. Everyone in my town knows that ordering medium-well-done is the equivalent of ordering well-done here, i.e. burnt to a damn crisp. But I enjoyed mine and that, my friends, is all that mattered.

After that we went for a few drinks at the pub. I kicked his ass at pool. He kicked mine back. We talked a lot about books. He asked me if I'd read Twilight and I think I burst a blood vessel. Anyway. He's a sci-fi/fantasy geek like me, although, shockingly, he's read nothing by Neil Gaiman, Jim Butcher or Charles de Lint. They are now on his to-read list.

Overall, I got on with him very well. I'm just not sure there's any real chemistry there. He never really shifted out of the potential friend category. He even bought me fudge cake on Tuesday as a surprise because I had a craving for it, and nothing. I think I'm instinctively repelled by really nice guys because a part of me knows that I would probably break them into tiny little pieces. I don't handle these kinds of things very well.

But it was nice to actually go out and have some fun with a guy. I haven't dated for a long time, mostly because I find the whole thing a little awkward, so I'm pretty happy that it went as well as it did.

I won't say much about episode five of True Blood except that spoilers )

I started watching Leverage yesterday. I've been hearing good things about it and Christian Kane is on my list of actors I'd watch no matter what they're in. I'm liking it. It's very fun and funny. Spoilers for those who haven't started watching it yet. )

So I'm happy I'm liking this show. With most of my favourites on break, all I have is True Blood, so this is a nice little addition for the season.



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