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I fell across this over at [personal profile] fyrdrakken's journal: Citizens of the Poconos, unite against slutty teen rape victims!

And I'm crying. I'm crying because sometimes it feels like the fight for women to be treated as human fucking beings seems like a losing battle. It doesn't even make me angry anymore. It makes me unbearably sad.

I read an article in the local paper today about how a mother's baby had been burned when a waitress accidently spilt some food in a pub. And you know who got blamed for it? The mother, for daring to leave the home, for daring to take a child into a family restaurant that also happened to be a pub.

I just... cannot handle this today. You know what, I don't hate men as a rule, but fuck those who made it this way. Fuck the men AND the women who support it.

You know what, I'm going to be goddamn sexist here and I'm going to say it... women are better than you. They are. They are stronger and sharper and they make this place beautiful. It would be ugly without us, and you try to make us ugly because you know what? If we wanted, we could rule the fucking world. We could squash you like a bug. And that's why you divide us. Because we are dangerous and you fucking know it.

Yeah, maybe I am a little angry. Angry and crying because some days it's tiring to be a woman.
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