I'm finally caught up on most of my shows. I think, anyway. I didn't realise until the other week, when I was writing a list of episodes I needed to catch up on, exactly how many shows I actually watch. One would think I don't work for a living or have anything resembling a social life the amount I watch, but somehow I manage to squeeze it in.


Leverage. )

Bones. )

Vampire Diaries. )

I still need to catch up on a few episodes of Fringe and Friday Night Lights. Oh, Tim Riggins, you're still my favourite.

I watched the first ten episodes of Flashforward. I'd like to say I love the show, but I don't. I like it and I'll probably watch the new episodes in my spare time, but I'm not dying to know what happens next.

Does anyone know when Lie to Me is back?

Oh, and I've finally started re-watching Lost. I watched the first season back in uni but I'm one of those people who get really impatient when I don't get answers fast enough. I don't mind waiting a few weeks to find out what happens or whatever, but dragging mysteries on not only a full season but a full six-year run is just too much for me. So I said that once it was drawing to a close I'd start catching up in time for the final season. It better pay off after all this! Abrams totally kicks ass at these epic story archs but if Alias is anything to go by, the end result will leave a lot to be desired.

And that's me done, I think. A whole post about TV. Hmmmm. Can you tell I've been trying to save money by staying in during the week?
You know, the double standards in fandom really do annoy me. I've seen numerous comments scattered across the internet regarding Christian Kane's physique in the latest episode of Leverage and dear God, people. When did a six-pack become the default? It's laughable how many fangirls have slated the poor guy simply because he's not chiselled to within an inch of his life. The best comment I read was that Kane should know better, train better and work better, because he's friends with Jensen Ackles, who is fitness personified. What? Even I, who knows very little about Kane outside of the roles he plays, can tell you he works his ass off on that show. He does his own stunts, people. He is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a slouch. He is also not Jensen Ackles.

But... that's not the point of me bringing this up. The whole point is, if this had been said about a female character or actor, there would be outrage. As women in fandom, I've found we often celebrate the females on our TV screens and in our books who do not fit the "conventional" mold of what a woman should look like. And amen to that. But when did it become okay to place these body restrictions on the men in our fandoms? How is expecting a six-pack and well-defined muscles from men any different from expecting a flat stomach and big breasts from women?

It irritates me because body issues are not a gender thing. They're a people thing. And this image of the perfect form isn't to be blamed soley on men. It's not just their problem. It's not just their responsibility to work on tearing that image down. It's ours. We do this to ourselves and to each other.

I'm not going to say more than that, because I think I've pretty much said what I needed to. It's just... gah. It's not the first time I've seen this and it riles me sometimes.

Speaking of Leverage, I'm now caught up. And I also have my brother hooked. It's so cracky! And fun! And now I'm reading a lot of gen fic. Because I love the team and I think I could watch them work a con all day, every day.

It's weird, though, because I'm totally a raging 'shipper and there are always pairings I want to see or pairings I love to watch on-screen etc. But the 'shipper fics just aren't working for me. I don't know. Maybe because I'm totally confused. Because, erm, Hardison/Parker all the way, baby, but at the same time I would watch Hardision, Eliot and Parker bantering all day. I would say they're my OT3 but I'm not sure that's true. In theory, it's perfect. In reality I don't see Eliot/Parker working. But at the same time I do. Just not on-screen. And off-screen it has to be done just right and the few fics I've read where this is so has been team!fic or Hardison/Eliot/Parker, because they're too awesome for words.

So, yes, my fannish love is just that logical. Recommend me team!fic if you know of any, please.

My thoughts on True Blood 2.06. Spoilers. )

[personal profile] grrlnoir! I would just like you know to know that I've been working on your Chloe/Peter piece! Yes, I know, I'm months overdue, but there just wasn't a storyline there. And now I think I maybe able scratch one out. I'm hoping to get it to you soon, darling. And I shall be writing your letter shortly!

I have many books I need to catch up. I'm currently reading the new Kim Harrison book, White Witch, Black Curse. After that I need to re-read the last Karen Chance book so I can finally get to Curse the Dawn, which I've had on my shelf since March. I really need to re-read Karen Marie Moning's Faefever series, too, because I'm hazy on some of the details and the next installment is out next month. And then there's Vicki Petterson's next book, City of Souls, coming out tomorrow, and the continuation of Richelle Mead's Dark Swan series (Storm Born was one of my favourite reads of last year) coming out in a few weeks.

And all the while I'm jonsing to re-read The Black Jewels Trilogy. I've yet to tackle Tangled Webs and I want the stories and the characters to be fresh in my mind.

A little lower down on my to-read list is Charlaine Harris' new Sookie Stackhouse novel and Melissa Marr's Fragile Eternity. So, hmmm... yup, that should keep me going for a few weeks at least.
I went to the Doctor's on Friday and he said it's my digestion that's causing me problems. Basically, it's just not working. Well, not working right, anyway. So now I have tablets to settle my stomach. They seem to be working; my stomach isn't cramping after I eat anymore and my mouth doesn't taste nasty, either. Can't ask for more than that.

My date was nice. We went to the cinema to see The Hangover because I'd yet to see it. It was funny. I liked it because it was careful not to fall into that gross, slap-stick humour that films like this generally can't seem to resist doing.

We went for steak after. Luckily my taste buds had managed to ressurect themselves somewhat by this point and I was able to enjoy it. My date, on the other hand, didn't, mostly because he insisted on having his steak cooked medium-well-done, instead of medium-rare. Everyone in my town knows that ordering medium-well-done is the equivalent of ordering well-done here, i.e. burnt to a damn crisp. But I enjoyed mine and that, my friends, is all that mattered.

After that we went for a few drinks at the pub. I kicked his ass at pool. He kicked mine back. We talked a lot about books. He asked me if I'd read Twilight and I think I burst a blood vessel. Anyway. He's a sci-fi/fantasy geek like me, although, shockingly, he's read nothing by Neil Gaiman, Jim Butcher or Charles de Lint. They are now on his to-read list.

Overall, I got on with him very well. I'm just not sure there's any real chemistry there. He never really shifted out of the potential friend category. He even bought me fudge cake on Tuesday as a surprise because I had a craving for it, and nothing. I think I'm instinctively repelled by really nice guys because a part of me knows that I would probably break them into tiny little pieces. I don't handle these kinds of things very well.

But it was nice to actually go out and have some fun with a guy. I haven't dated for a long time, mostly because I find the whole thing a little awkward, so I'm pretty happy that it went as well as it did.

I won't say much about episode five of True Blood except that spoilers )

I started watching Leverage yesterday. I've been hearing good things about it and Christian Kane is on my list of actors I'd watch no matter what they're in. I'm liking it. It's very fun and funny. Spoilers for those who haven't started watching it yet. )

So I'm happy I'm liking this show. With most of my favourites on break, all I have is True Blood, so this is a nice little addition for the season.



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