Dec. 22nd, 2009 12:24 pm
Gacked from [personal profile] shiegra:

Sum up your main original character in a single sentence. Straight-forward or whimsical as you please.

1. Kushial, padding on soft, white paws between the bushes, shearing roses with her claws.

2. Reed, a smile twitching his lips as he watches his mum decapitate mannequins with a broad sword.

3. Abby, bouncing through the halls like a rainbow slinky, a freak of nature in the best kind of way.

4. Susie, woman-child and lover, dragging dainty fingers through the snow.

5. Samuel, son, friend, soulmate... betrayer.

6. Bastian, running from him, fighting for more.

7. Stephen, wolf on the chase because he can't -- won't -- lose him, too.

8. Anne-Marie, warrior and mother, twined around tree branches, playing with pixies.

9. Chris, all too human, missing home; sour lager in dirty glasses, pulling Ray through guitar strings, fat joints he grew out of years ago.
I always have this reoccuring dream that I'm in New York. I say it's reoccuring but each dream is actually quite different, apart from that fact that I'm in New York.

Anyway. The New York in my dreams isn't the New York we know. It is, but it's weirdly combined with London and Prague. So, it's very European. But still New York. Yes, that's right. Don't argue with my dream logic.

The point is, I often dream that I live/study in/am travelling to/am visiting this version of New York. Previous dreams have involved me and various friends and family members staying in a large Ritz-like hotel in the city, which faced not only Big Ben, but Prague's astronomy clock. This also included a car crash of some sorts on the Golden Gate Bridge (I've never even been on the Golden Gate Bridge) and ended with me stealing minature version's of the astronomy clocks from the hotel, which were actually Time-Turners.

One of my dreams before that saw me studying in New York in a school that was a weird amalgamation of sixth form (the equivalent of going to college from age 16-18 here in the UK) and Hogwarts. Except none of us were really children and it was more like a university, though we weren't based anywhere specific except in the general New York area. I think the end of that dream involved me meeting up with my sister and her (rich) husband on his boat (though in my dream it gave off the impression of being a ship much like the Titanic), which could fly (?!). Not only that, but it was also filled with bubble bath.

Other dreams have involved me visiting the subway beneath this strange New York. Except the subway was a strange mix of modern railway tracks and old-fashioned mining tracks. The only thing that ever happens when I have this particular dream is that I start the journey on a normal subway-type train and come out the other end riding one of those mining caddies, wearing no clothes. There was once a variation of this dream where I was being chased around the subway station by a serial killer. I hid in a closet (?!) only to discover my dad was gay by peeking out at him making out with another man (?!!!).

But... this isn't really the point of my post. My point is that I had another of these dreams last night, where I was in this strange New York. I'm not sure what I was doing there, but I do know this: Eric, Bill, Godric, Pam and Jessica from True Blood were there. We were all on some weird kind of rescue mission to save a pop princess (ala Miley Cyrus, although she looked more like that girl out of High School Musical, Vanessa Hudgens?), which... no, I don't get it either.

At one point we were all in a dark forest... in New York. And Eric was riding a horse. Except it was a really long horse because Jessica and Godric were riding behind him, but with a lot of space between them. It was a stretch-horse or something. I'm not sure. The point is we all managed to rescue the pop princess and then we were invited to her concert (obviously). At this point I'd accepted how batshit insane the whole thing was, but I drew the line when the pop princess appeared on stage in a large gilded cage, much to Eric and Bill's delight.

I'm sure more insane things happened in this dream but the details started drifting as soon as I woke up. The only things I tend to remember about dreams such as this is the place and the people and the crazy-ass insane things that penetrate even the dreamiest of fogs.

Anyway, I thought I would share that with you all.


Jul. 17th, 2009 02:43 pm
I'm going to the doctor's after work today. I've had enough of feeling draggy. I've had this ridiculously dry mouth for two weeks and ever since Monday it's gotten worse. I don't know if it's my mouth or my throat, but everything I eat or drink tastes foul. My whole mouth goes horribly dry barely a second after drinking something. Sometimes it feels like I have a giant hairball sat on my tongue. It's nasty. I can't even smoke cigarettes because they don't taste right. I've tried a new toothpaste and mouthwash and nothing. I'm cleaning my teeth four or five times a day just because I can't bear the taste anymore. Nothing is helping and I'm getting incredibly annoyed. I would like my taste buds back now, thanks. Especially since I have a date on Sunday and he's taking me for steak. I LOVE steak. Seriously, that is your way in with me. You want to make me all mushy and receptive to any favours you may want to ask me for, steak is the way to do it.

So yeah, I would like to be able to enjoy my steak. That's not too much to ask. And I would like to know why aliens have invaded my tongue.

I haven't really been up to a whole lot this week. My nausea was pretty constant until yesterday and I've been pretty tired. Even though I'm getting eight hours a night, I'm still coming home from work feeling laggy and exhausted. I don't know why. I can't even say it's because I'm run down, because I'm not. My routine hasn't even changed for the last few months. So I don't know what it is, but I'm tired of being stuck between ill and not-ill. Bleh.

First Post.

Jul. 8th, 2009 10:34 am
I figured it was time I started using this journal, or at least playing around with it, anyway. I'll probably be using it quite often now, due to the fact that I can get on this but not LJ while I'm at work. Yay!

I really should add more people to this thing, otherwise this whole 'procrastinate-via-flist' plan isn't going to work.



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