I had a dream about Mason from Vampire Diaries last night. Bizarre. We were hanging out on the roof of some mall-type building, sprawled on blankets and snoozing beneath the covers. It was a very warm and squishy dream (I mean that in a purely platonic, non-dirty way), and I woke up about 6.30am with a craving for lemonade. Huh.

Speaking of Vampire Dairies )

Is it bad that I’ve stopped caring about Supernatural? I mean, if this is really the last season, I’ll watch it, just because I started the journey and I’ll finish it, you know? But I don’t actually care. The only thing I actually really liked about this week’s episode was Sam finally admitting that he’s not actually Sam and he doesn’t actually care. Like, I know they could go pretty dark with that, and knowing this show they will. But they can also make it kinda funny. Like Sam teasing the skinwalker. It has it’s merits, and it also means that the Sam we know, the Sam that’s done a lot of growing up in the past five-or-so years, isn’t actually gone for real.

But right now, show, you are boring.

I’m re-watching Battlestar Galactica again. Just because.

I've been on a Jake Gyllenhaal movie marathon this past couple of weeks. )

A few months ago I decided that since I was turning 25 this year, it really was about time I learned how to drive. I never felt it was necessary when I was at uni. The city I lived in, being a student city, had enough buses and trains running for me to get around pretty easily.

Now I’m finding I’m getting itchy for my own set of wheels. Which I have. Yeah, I’m only half way through my driving lessons (they’re going well, thanks for asking) but I have a car! An Inbetweeners car (apparently). It was officially christened Tez on Saturday (short for Terry, as in Terry’s Chocolate Orange, because though the colour is more of a yellow-gold, my car looks like it’s been Tango’d in the dark). When it pisses me off, which I’m sure it will, it will be called Terence.



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