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I don't often use the New Year as an excuse to start afresh etc. I make resolutions but I don't really believe in wiping the slate clean and forgetting everything that came before.

Still, I made a vow this year that I would be more healthy. I tied myself to this vow by signing up for a four-month trial at my local karate group, which I start on Monday. Not only do I think it'll be a good work out for me, but it also serves the double-purpose of strengthening my bad leg and providing me with adequate self-defense skills. I can pretty much hold my own when I get hassle from people of the male variety on a night out, but I have no doubt that one day one of them is going to take it a step too far and I'd like to have something to back-up my sharp tongue.

I've also signed up for a six-week Burlesque dancing course. Random, I know, but a friend of mine did it last year and she said that not only is it fun, but it's a great work out and it loosens a lot of unused muscles. I like the idea of Burlesque, too. I like that this is something I can do for myself, something that will make me feel sexy and confident in my own body, and that it's not necessarily something I have to share with anybody else.

Last night I had a sex dream about Kevin McKidd. I've therefore realised that watching Rome before bed is probably not such a good idea.

Nothing much else to tell you, folks. I haven't written anything lately, not for quite a few months, and that's very strange for me. Even if I'm not posting out finished products, I'm always reeling something off at any given time, so not having written a sentence in over three months feels peculiar. Originally I wasn't writing because my laptop packed in (God, I'm just absolutely cursed when it comes to computers) and I can't write on anything but my laptop (which is bad, I know; a writer should always be versatile). But my laptop is back to new now and one of my resolutions is to start writing again, even if it's nonsense.

Other than that, I've very little to share with you all. Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year.

Mine was a relatively quiet affair this year. Christmas Day is traditionally a big family affair for us but we moved it to Boxing Day this time around. I spent Christmas night with Martyn getting drunk and watching bad Christmas TV and that pretty much set the bar for the rest of the holidays. I got intoxicated a lot.

New Years was our usual house party with games and quizzes etc. I was flat-out drunk by 1am and in bed by 1.15am (more out of tiredness than anything, as I'd had to work that day). It was very fun, though.

Oh, I forgot to mention my birthday. It wasn't a crazy one this year as I was poorly. It was the usual fancy dress affair, however, although maybe dressing as Aphrodite in the middle of winter wasn't the best idea. Still!

Andddd that's my life to date. Not a whole lot of excitement but there's been some great nights in there.
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