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I think True Blood actually broke me last night.

I love Eric and I love Godric, but Eric and Godric together? Pure awesomesauce. I'm actually pretty pleased that Ball made the decision to venture away from the books when it came to this subplot. I think it was a good way to bring out Eric's different sides without making it all about Sookie.

Eric, your I'm dying scene was so OTT and fabulous that I would probably have sucked those bullets out myself if I were Sookie. I like that they followed the book with this.

Except, wait... vampire blood invokes a strong sexual connection? I don't think I like that. It sounds contrived and whatever kind of relationship Sookie and Eric had in the books, it was never contrived. I also don't know what that says about Bill and Sookie. As much as I find Bill boring and their relationship alternately hilarious and bland, the insinuation that it's not only built on false ideals but on a false attraction is kind of icky. Because Sookie drank Bill's blood in the first episode not long after she first met him, so we're not even given the reprive that maybe their connection was formed before she drank his blood.

I also think that's the kind of thing Sookie has the right to know, so she can decide for herself if what she has with Bill is real or just an echo of the blood bond. The fact that he never told her is unfair.

I'm going to choose to believe that Bill meant that Eric's blood would have this effect on her because he's so old. Yes, yes I am. Although that still doesn't sit right with me, mostly because I wanted the relationship between Eric and Sookie to develop naturally. And while that seems to be happening slowly, especially with Godric bringing out Eric's almost human side, I still don't want the blood bond to be the reason they're drawn together.

Squickiness aside, I can't decide who completely owned this episode. Because Sookie just worked it with everyone -- Eric, Bill, Godric and Jason -- but so did Eric and Godric. The three of them? Could probably take over the world. Those final scenes actually broke me.

I don't think Godric's character ever needed to be bigger than it was, although I've no doubt he would have grown ever more epic with every episode had his storyline been extended, and Ball did well to tie him to the book's version of Godric in the end. And it was nice that Sookie was there with him because I think she loved him from the start.

Paquin really nailed that final scene. The way she sells the character, it's like you can see why the vampires love her. She does mean redemption for a lot of them. Not actual redemption itself, but the possibility of it. She'll love you into it. She'll make you believe it's possible just because she said so. Because Godric didn't really believe in it until she loved him and cried for him and stood with him in the sunlight.

This show makes me wax poetic a lot, which for a series that's saturated with sex and gore is pretty impressive. I just love that Ball doesn't give you a break from this shit at all; it's like... hey, you know that time you thought things couldn't possibly get any crazier? Well, actually! And that pretty much sums up the books.

Dreamfever is out today. Eeeee!
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