Oct. 29th, 2010

You know, it aggravates me like hell that good, solid shows like Caprica are getting cancelled left, right and centre, while complete and utter trash like Smallville and One Tree Hill are constantly renewed season after season, despite the fact that they’re clearly way past their prime.

It’s annoying that shows are given barely enough time to draw in an audience. Guess what, networks? We don’t always jump on the bandwagon for a show from the very first episode. It takes time. Word of mouth is a powerful thing, but by the time it gets around, a show has already been cancelled.

I only mention this because I’m starting to feel that it’s not worth my time or energy to get into a new show anymore. What’s the point of becoming invested when the chances of that show being cancelled are higher than they were five years ago?

I get that bubblegum shows will always be around because they’re easy and they pull in a guaranteed demographic. Hell, I’m one of those people who still watches Supernatural even though it’s clearly past it’s prime.

I like Caprica,. It’s not the big adventure that Battlestar Galactica was, but it’s a solid, well-written, imaginative and beautifully-created little gem. I was invested from the first episode and now it’s unlikely that my investment is going to pay off. If they do manage to find enough time to wrap it up, I doubt the story will be everything it was supposed to be. Which makes me wary of investing in the first place.

Shows have always been cancelled, whether before their prime or after. But lately it seems like more and more of the higher quality shows out there are getting axed in favour of the sickly sweet, superficial crap that relies heavily on the pretty and not much else.

God, even Buffy in its final throes was far superior to the utter tosh that’s out there right now. And now it’s getting me wondering if more and more people are going to start feeling the same as me in this regard.

Will people start doing what I have? I wait until shows have been on a season or two, or have finished altogether, before I get into them now.

Will some of us start giving up on the new shows because it’s simply not worth our time anymore?

Or will people still continue to watch whatever the networks throw at us, in the hopes that the ones we like will stick?

You know, if someone had said to me ten years ago, when Buffywas in its prime, that Joss Whedon would one day have not one, but two of his shows cancelled, I’d have laughed at the thought. It’s true, Dollhouse was not what it could have been, and it was also kind of disturbing on a very high level, but Firefly was fun and new and funny.

Not that I think certain creators should be allowed to throw what they want out there and have it aired indefinitely simply because they had a hit show. It just seems that no one is safe anymore, even those who have a reputation for creating high quality shows.

Le sigh. I don’t know. I guess it’s just the story-lover in me. I’m a book girl, you know? That means my stories have a beginning, a middle and an end. I know that when I pick up a book, the whole story is there in my hands, and nobody can rip it away prematurely. So when I find myself investing in a story that plays out on TV, I know that it might take longer to get to the end of it, but I still watch it under the assumption that that story will be told in its entirety. When I’m told that, actually, wait, this story we’re telling you, we’re not sharing that with you anymore, I feel like I’ve wasted my time. If this was an actual author who had done this with an actual book, you can be damn sure that I wouldn’t buy anymore of their work.

Shows are different. The creators don’t have control of how much of their story they’re allowed to share, so refusing to watch anything that they produce is cutting my nose off to spite my face. But to be quite frank, I’m getting quite bored of the whole process, and I think we’re all now familiar with the constant cycle of excitement and disappointment.

On saying that, I’ve found myself re-watching a show I gave up on quite a few years ago. Smallville was never a masterpiece and it never will be, but it took me a while to realise that I was watching it out of habit more than anything. That, and the geek in me couldn’t resist the comic book references.

I stopped watching when Lois started taking centre stage more and more, mostly because the Chloe fangirl in me couldn’t let go of the fact that Chloe clearly made a better Lois than Lois did. So yeah, I gave up that trash a few years ago.

And then I heard about Chloe and Oliver, and the Chloe-and-Oliver of it all, and my brain screamed, “FINALLY!” And so I skimmed across season 7 and season 8 (I mean serious skimming; most of this show is made up of people talking about absolutely nothing or repeating plot points over and over again, so I was able to piece together the story of the last two seasons from one or two scenes from each episode). Then I settled down for season 9 and… you know what, this show is still BAD, but I found it actually had a few decent episodes buried in there.

And it’s hard for me to admit this, but they actually handled the whole Chloe/Ollie thing exceptionally well. Their scenes were short and sweet, but always insightful, and yeah, maybe I’m biased because I’ve wanted these two together since -- God, when did I write I’m Okay With That? Years ago, people. Years.

Now watching season 10 is, like, a chore again, but I’m holding out because it’s the last season and Chloe is totally coming back, and I will forgive this show a lot of things if they let Chloe/Ollie end on a high note. Yeah, I know it’s not canon, alright? But they don’t have to make space for Dinah just yet, you know? There’s time for Chloe and Oliver to just be awesome for the rest of the show and then people can do what they like with that pairing when it’s all done and finished.

Needless to say I’ve been on a fanfic binge the last few days and I’m even thinking about… wait for it… WRITING FIC! My God, it’s been a while. A long, long while. Even longer since I’ve written Smallville fic. But dude, I’ve wanted Chloe to be an official part of the JLA for so long, wanted for her to be recognised for her pure awesomeness, and part of the reason I originally ‘shipped Chloe and Oliver so hard in the beginning was because Ollie was one of the first to recognise just how kickass she is.

In my little world, Chloe grows up to become a mentor to Barbara Gordon when she becomes Oracle. I’ve had that in my head ever since the Watchtower storyline started to grow. And if I had any skill for writing adventure fics, I would totally write about Chloe teaching Barbara the ropes while they both kick evil ass. You know I’d do it!

God, it’s been so long since I’ve had fanfic plot bunnies. I’ve been writing mostly original stuff (again, not ready to share just yet!) and it’s been frustrating sometimes, trying to round out my characters. I think working with some old favourites will be a nice break from that.

And that’s really all I have to share with you all today.



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