Jan. 25th, 2010

I'm finally caught up on most of my shows. I think, anyway. I didn't realise until the other week, when I was writing a list of episodes I needed to catch up on, exactly how many shows I actually watch. One would think I don't work for a living or have anything resembling a social life the amount I watch, but somehow I manage to squeeze it in.


Leverage. )

Bones. )

Vampire Diaries. )

I still need to catch up on a few episodes of Fringe and Friday Night Lights. Oh, Tim Riggins, you're still my favourite.

I watched the first ten episodes of Flashforward. I'd like to say I love the show, but I don't. I like it and I'll probably watch the new episodes in my spare time, but I'm not dying to know what happens next.

Does anyone know when Lie to Me is back?

Oh, and I've finally started re-watching Lost. I watched the first season back in uni but I'm one of those people who get really impatient when I don't get answers fast enough. I don't mind waiting a few weeks to find out what happens or whatever, but dragging mysteries on not only a full season but a full six-year run is just too much for me. So I said that once it was drawing to a close I'd start catching up in time for the final season. It better pay off after all this! Abrams totally kicks ass at these epic story archs but if Alias is anything to go by, the end result will leave a lot to be desired.

And that's me done, I think. A whole post about TV. Hmmmm. Can you tell I've been trying to save money by staying in during the week?



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